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One does not simply enter a hair debate with a black woman and expect to come out a victor. So sensitive has the discussion around hair become that as a black man disclaimers and life insurance must be sought before offering your irrelevant opinion. The multitude of hair choices and styles at a woman’s disposal, the lengthy procedures and meticulous approaches that go into hair care disqualify any man from commenting on their hair choices and expect them to show concern, yet here I am

A natural hair trend has emerged with a number of my friends having shaved it all off to grow it right back, but grow the way the gods intended. At this juncture let me salute all those that have taken this decision and categorically state in the immortal words of Kevin Durant, “You’re the real MVP.” The natural hair look on a woman is very appealing to me; I like the versatility I believe it offers to women, length dependent of course.

I know little (read nothing) about the maintenance that goes into natural hair but am well impressed by the variant looks that some ladies I know have rocked. I also consider myself to be rather adventurous and despite nearly losing fingers I love the feel of a woman’s natural hair and on occasion can be seen daring to touch it.

Not all guys I know share my natural hair sentiments and I do pity them. Some are attracted to long flowing hair, the type that blows in the wind or that they can play with close to her neck. Others, extremely short. Despite all of our preferences as guys I do submit to the opinion that a woman should look however she feels to look. I fully support weaves of all nationalities, dreadlocks, box cut, s-curl, afros, braids and any other hair choice that my mother, sister, future bae may or may not opt for, as long as I get to touch.

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This article originally appeared on 20/08/2014 on DOTZW

Images courtesy of @BabyGrace