All Consuming Love by ErinM31 (
All Consuming Love by ErinM31 (

Yesterday @MissAnneDastood and I decided to co-write something and this is what we came up with. She’s the poet, I was trying my best to keep up. Enjoy.

How can everything be so easy with you,
When you make things so difficult?
Why do I enjoy so much time with you,
When withdrawal hurts so much?

I am filled to the brim
with the burdens I carry for you.
I have no space left in my soul
Where your demons have made themselves at home.

I pull away you pull me back
A tango, a waltz, a foxtrot!
You lead I follow, I lead you follow

The beat fades away as I look into your eyes
My pain reflected in your soul’s pane
How much longer must we,
endure this heart’s dance before we set the demons free?

But who can break
What’s already been broken?
Who can keep two hearts
Beating to one rhythm?

You keep taking parts of me,
Parts I try to keep to myself,
You kill my soul with your words.
And kiss the bruises with your touch.

But let me not pretend I do not enjoy
This intricate web of deceit and folly.
I sit and reminisce on when it all began,
A beautiful game of innocence and love.

But love is now forgotten and innocence lost.
All questions have been answered and all chapters closed.
But I still stand and yearn for you.
As if to fill this void you created in me.

I keep getting burnt
By the flame you created inside me.
I keep thinking you’ll save me,
I keep wanting you to save me.

But what then,
When your hero breaks you down?
What then,
When your triumph is your fall?

Must I now stand tall?
Must I build that wall?
How do I keep you out?
Must I scream and shout?

I hear a familiar knock
The joy starts to return
Until I realise it’s your demons again.
That have made my soul their home.