A medical analogy of the Zimbabwe political situation.

After watching countless seasons of Grey’s Anatomy and House I consider myself and expert on medical analysis and diagnosing patients with fatal illnesses. The Zim situation for a protracted period was “critical but stable” of late however with the in-house fighting the patient is hemorrhaging and the doctors seem to be at fault. I like to think of our Zim situation as such:

Zimbabwe is the patient and ZANU PF is our doctor (neurosurgeon). Zim was suffering from a brain tumour and our neurosurgeon ZANU successfully removes it and life goes on for the patient (Independence 1980). Zim then develops a heart problem that requires surgery (circa 2000) but instead of going in to see a cardio thoracic surgeon, the neuro guy decides to perform the operation because Zim is HIS patient. Problem is he is not the expert and so the surgery is now exploratory. Not knowing how to repair the damage, the surgeon cuts an artery, the patient is bleeding out. The neurosurgeon is blaming everyone from the anesthesiologist to the nurses while a team of cardio thoracic surgeons watch from the gallery.

The revolutionary party that brought us independence seems to be all out of ideas on what to do with our nation and has ungracefully descended to personality politics. How then do we circumvent the political farce that we are being subjected to and stop the hemorrhaging?