An brilliant thought provoking read.

Somehow, Beyonce’s latest music video release — a sloppy mix of bathroom selfies and dancing-on-a-hotel-balcony-in-a-pantie shots called “7/11”– got me thinking about democracy. The music video and its sloppiness , the crowd-pleasing lows of it, the commonness of it, was not simply a video to me. It was a law in practice that I had only begun to recognize. A law whose name I could not easily find on the first page of google results, so I’ll summarize it as: “at any given moment, we get the Beyonce we deserve.”

When we celebrated excellence and talent and hard work, we got excellent, talented, hard-working Beyonce. When we celebrated mediocrity we got 7/11.


The constant hype we generated around “lesser” stars, the think-pieces on Iggy Azealia and Kim Kardashian, the “ironic” enjoyment of mumbling rappers like Yung Thug, the simple entertainment of that which required less talent, is what lead to…

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