So this post is overdue. I finished this book well over a week ago and have neglected to blog about it. Perhaps it is because this is the second book that deals with race issues I’ve read during this challenge and it’s a bit overwhelming

Before I get into it let me say, the book is always better than the movie. Though the movie was REALLY good. I actually watched it before I read the book, but I don’t regret that because I enjoyed them both equally and differently. The gap between the two, four years, made it easier I suppose.

Now I won’t go into the plot much because well because you should read the book or watch the movie. Kathryn Stockett deserves credit for this one. A white woman writing about black “help” in The South. I can imagine how much of a challenge this might have been for her. Especially writing from someone else’s shoes and doing it well.

Although fiction it is not far from fact. From the days of the slavery in America, black people have looked after white people’s homes. What I don’t get is how the white people were so racist but were happy to have black women look after their children?

Would any sane, logical human being leave their kids in the hands of someone they hated? Part of the plot the Hilly has this ridiculous campaign to get “the help” their own bathroom because white people should not share bathrooms with black people as black people carry all kinds of diseases – her logic.

Why then would one have a black person cook for them? Or breastfeed their children? Such racism makes no sense at all to me.

All that said, the book is good, the style of writing, the fact that the story is told from Aibileen, Minny and Skeeter’s perspective makes it multi-dimensional. You get to see different aspects of the characters and in one chapter you hate them in the other you pity them. It is well worked.

The book is also filled with humour and covers a lot of other issues besides such as patriarchy, early childhood development, marriage and issues of self esteem and acceptance.

A fun read though I think I will keep away from the American race issues for a time.

4/5 pages.

Next up: Not sure. But I am reading.

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