I am a pretty big Scandal fan. By pretty big I mean that tweeting a spoiler will get you blocked. Those are the rules. Anyway I was taking a midday walk after lunch and thought Mellie Grant is basically a modern day Lady Macbeth.

I know there are some who would not hesitate to compare Shonda Rhimes to the Bard of Avon which I will not do. Shonda is great but she is no Billie Shakes.

Mellie on the other hand is a Lady Macbeth. She was influential in getting Fitz elected the first time, a core part of the Defiance team. At some point she fell out of Fitz’s inner circle and finally she went through a nervous breakdown, fortunately for her and us the fans it didn’t lead to her death.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has had this thought it just amused me and I thought to share. That said it is certainly interesting the role women play behind the scenes in the lives of powerful men and also the parallels that are in modern pop culture and the classics.

Mellie Grant is a Lady Macbeth and Olivia Pope has been described on the show as Helen of Troy, the face that launched a thousand ships.

History does seem to repeat itself, or perhaps the classics are just that good.