0fe8dd889b7649e4b28c05408591288c HOUSE OF CARDS

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a short piece on how Mellie Grant is a modern day Lady Macbeth. I love me some Mellie but now that House of Cards is back so is her competition, Claire Underwood

Let me begin by thanking the television demigods over at Netflix for alleviating us of our painful wait. Season 3 has not quite lived up to Season 2, (which was one of the greatest seasons of any show ever), I do enjoy the fact that Frank is President but also that he is scrambling. Getting power was quite easy holding on to it seems to be challenging for him. (NB: Some parts have been redacted, because spoilers.)

This however is not about House of Cards but about our two television FLOTUSes? FLOTI? First Ladies, Mellie Grant and Claire Underwood. If you were POTUS who would you rather have in your corner?

These two women have a lot of similarities, both have been with their husbands since the beginning of their respective careers, both have been influential in getting their husbands into the White House, both have experienced some martial problems since their husbands took office and finally both seem to have personal ambitions that go beyond being FLOTUS.

Personally I’d pick Mellie, for me she’s a ride or die kinda woman. She’ll put her body on the line for you but will also not stand for BS. Claire on the other hand is too much of a manipulator. How she became Ambassador to the UN shows just that. I also don’t believe in her loyalty, she might just turn on you especially to protect her interests but then again I suppose that is partly a reflection of the man she is married to.

On the negative side Mellie’s nervous breakdown is not encouraging, that has a potential to be one’s undoing. No one wants ‘Smelly Mellie’ around. A positive for Claire is that she gets things done.

I suppose it is a Messi vs Ronaldo kind of argument, Brady vs Manning. There is no right or wrong answer, just preference and I prefer Mellie Grant. Also she could be single soon with Fitz being in love with Olivia and all. 😀