My weekend was a sport filled one with equal parts disappointment and jubilation. Saturday I returned to Weaver for a high school rubgy match between St George’s College and Peterhouse Boys’ School.

A rather nostalgic experience, not only because of the sea of red blazers and their raucous war cries from the now shaded stands (6 years of baking on those stands made me dark), but also because my side lost. It was a the typical performance that I had become accustomed to by the College Dragons. *sigh*… Hela hela hela hazvina mhosva hela!

Sunday was a much better experience.

Location: Rufaro Stadium.

Occasion: Dynamos vs Highlanders.

This was the best game I’ve seen this season. I previously watched Dynamos vs CAPS United, once at Rufaro and once at the National Sports Stadium. Those games were dull and dreary, the standard of play and stadium atmosphere mirroring.

Sunday’s game was different. The crowd was in good spirits from start to finish, the game itself had action from the first minute to the last. A Highlanders penalty ignited the whole affair as one Dynamos supporter commented “kana mufirimu panotanga pafa actor kuti zvinhu zvinakidze.” 

2 goals from Ronald “Rooney” Chitiyo and Dynamos went into the half with a lead. The home fans were ecstatic the away fans less so. In fact they were quite rowdy and threw bottles on to the pitch, one of which barely missed a ball boy.

Second half was all Bosso, they managed an equaliser, kept possession well and frustrated Dynamos. DeMbare eventually found net, (to Mandigora’s delight as his job would have been on the line) and the game ended 3-2.

Oh there was an incident where Highlanders scored an equaliser that was called offside but you know we don’t have the benefit of replay at the stadium so I can’t tell you if he was or wasn’t.

All in all it was a brilliant game. Home side won and I had a pleasant time at the Vietnam Stand. What is most enjoyable about football or sport in general is how it brings people together. Both Saints and Rufaro were packed with people from different walks of life all out to support their teams or just enjoy their weekend.

The pre and post match analysis, the playful banter, the euphoria, the despondency. Sport has an amazing ability of unifying and dividing people but more than anything invoking thrilling emotions.

I think I will be watching a lot more live sports games. It’s a pleasant way and relatively cheap way to spend my afternoons.


On the way out of Mbare we passed on my favourite art pieces. The mural painted on the wall of one of the Mbare Chishawasha and Matapi flats by Dutch graffiti artist Roy Valk. I hope someone commissions more work of such a nature. Those smiles are delightfully infectious. 🙂