This aptly depicts Harare today and the dangers that young people in the city face!

The Lens Blur.

 by Christopher Sean Chigumba


SCENE ONEA parking lot outside a popular bar. It’s packed to capacity. Young men and women laugh and drink openly. The sound of music fills the air, bass and treble, high voices and rhythmic thumping. There’s broken glass around wet spots from spilt alcohol and bodily fluids. The air is crisp but the night is charged with electricity.

Enter KUDAKWASHE and TAFADZWA staggering

KUDAKWASHE My friend! Let it not be said that we are weak men, Tonight we shall be the envied as conquerors, Pour another glass let us drink!

TAFADZWA What joy the night has brung upon the heeled. Those without, shall cry for a taste of our wine. Kings have rarely sipped upon these divine waters! Are you finished? Let us drink some more!

[melodic beeping]

TAFADZWA [searching] Hark! Pray what bird would dare to chance upon us? The…

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