“My party recognises the fundamental principle that in constituting a government it is necessary to be guided by the national interest rather than by strictly party considerations.” – Robert Mugabe (4 March 1980)

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Hi All

found this little 8-sided, A5-sized  pamphlet of Robert Mugabe’s first speech to the nation of Zimbabwe in a second-hand shop somewhere in Cape Town, I think in Kalk Bay, some time ago. It’s printed on very poor-quality paper, and seems to have been destined for circulation in the USA (see inside front page). The speech was given before he was sworn in as Prime Minister, and before the formal Independence of Zimbabwe. It seems to be his first formal speech to the nation as a whole, give that it’s published as ‘For the record No.1’.

I thought I’d put it up here for interest’s sake, seeing as the Old Man is still there almost 30 years on. It’s quite remarkable to see how some of his views have changed in that time (!)

Here is the cover:

mugabe cover copy

and the inside front cover:

mugabe inside front copy

the first page of the speech…

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